What is Bakugou X Reader Crush. you crashed your lips on his, cupping his face and pulling him close. levi wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer so you were almost laying on top of him. "i love you. i love you so damn much" levi said breathlessly after the both of you pulled away from needing an intake of air. you smiled even wider, pressing another kiss. Cruel Fae Prince (Albericus) x male reader [NSFW] Lord of the Night (Calen) x human! female reader. Male Fae (Erolith) Magpie Fae x GN reader (Tehlmar) Part 1 / Part 2. Elves and Pixies: Male Drow Sorcerer (Ardul) x Male Reader. Male Pixie (Cirrus) Part 1 / Part 2. Female healer elf (Daelora) x hunter! reader. Bucky asked you with a hint of nervousness in his voice. You had been sitting out on the balcony reading, so when he came out you closed your book and motioned for him to sit in the chair next to you. He took a seat and placed his hands timidly in his lap. "Sure Bucky, anything you want," you replied. "Well, it's just that I have a few. Levi X Reader Sitting On His Lap Genre: Fluff & Smut. Junior High/High School manga. He likes to have you sit on his lap if he's sitting on a chair, just so he can put his head on your shoulder and go to sleep. James had never been good with poopy diapers but he gave it his best effort and hoped he looked like a proper Santa. It's almost. Buck gives you a wide smile, “Steve, come sit next to me.” he says without breaking eye contact with you. He sees the confusion in your eyes, that’s where you’re sitting. “Here doll, sit in my lap.” he tells you, his smile turning cheshire. Your cheeks flush and you squirm in your seat, “No, Bucky, no. Let Steve sit somewhere else. All the pillars kneeled down, and then sat. (S/N) sat on his dad's lap, while his mom was at the other side of the room. The little boy giggled, making Sanemi smile and put his finger in front of his own mouth, his son mirroring his action and remaining quiet after that. Everyone listened to Oyakata-sama's speech, until he called someone. alrightyyyy here you go! 💛 please send in feedback i really wanna know if you guys enjoy reading <3. harry was very worried at the beginning if he'll even be a good parent, he'll never be able to show how much but he truly felt comforted by your words when he once told you of his worries, "know you'll be the best dad for them. look at how much you take care of me, i don't think it. Characters: reader, Steve (Natasha, Bucky, and Sam mentioned) Summary: After a disastrous mission and harsh romantic rejection, you find yourself in a downward spiral of destructive behavior until Steve steps in and shows you you're worth saving. Warnings: All the angst. Little bit of fluff. Mentions of death, sex, destructive behavior, suicide and self harm (mild), alcohol abuse. Word Count. PHILLIP WITTEBANE X WITCH READER. Originally posted by girlwiththegreenhat. TRIGGERS: SLIGHTLY SEXUAL, (LAP SITTING AND REFERENCES TO PAST RELATIONS) WOUND TALK AND BEAST TALK. "Phillip fucking Wittebane!! You open this damned door right now!!" "Heart! You swear like a comfit makers lover!! One of such rank shouldn't use such vulgar wor-". Jimin x female reader where poor little Jiminnie accidentally eats too much and his belly is all gurgly and gassy and while he’s getting his tummy rubs and sitting in the reader’s lap, he says something like “Mommy, it hurts” and he just blushes even more, but the reader just smiles and rolls with it In The Twilight Saga Rent, buy or. "Hey hey hey! I offered to help you and here you are insulting me," he rubbed his jaw and looked at Y/N shaking his head. "I mean I could take my phone and go somewhere more appreciated it." Chris shrugged his shoulders and scanned his eyes around the room. A smile swept across her lips, reaching over she shoved his shoulder lightly. She looked at you, both confused and stoic, and she got out of bed and walking backwards away from you. "I don't". You sit up, still in shock, reaching out to touch her. "Carol, I-". "I'm not a lesbian!". You whimpered, now out of bed and reaching for her, "Carol, I'm sor-". "Please don't," she looked away. you stood up from his lap, putting your hand out as he grabs it and yanks himself up before he tugs on you and wraps you into his arms. ''thank you y/n, for everything.''. both of you snuck out of your room, making sure there was no sign of that girl, still probably obsessing to find rafe. you both dart into an empty bathroom, shutting. transferred part seven - atla smau. TRANSFERRED - zuko x fem!reader. masterlist | part six | part eight . summary: trying to run from your past is hard, but falling for your brother's roommate is even harder. little do you know he's falling for you as well. wc: 2.8k warning(s): cursing, mentions of toxic relationships, mentions of alcohol a/n: once again thank you guys so so much for all. Sitting on the loveseat couch, Draco and Pansy share a vape pen and a bottle of vodka. Across from them, Ron and Hermione occupy the other loveseat couch with Harry sitting between their legs on the floor. He and Ron take turns taking hits off Cedric's blunt while the Gryffindor girl sips from a cup of mixed liquor. Kind of avoids letting Eddie know that he has a crush on his best friend. He knows how dramatic Eddie can get, and he doesn't want his crush to know that he likes them yet. Originally posted by 27yrslater. Eddie Kaspbrak . He notices so quickly, it's honestly scary. Stan starts acting weird around his best friend and it creeps Eddie out. Seonghwa bit his lip, holding back a shy laugh while his entire face flushed, " I love you y/n ". Y/n titled her head back, her eyes wide and full of emotions as seonghwa held her face and kissed her, the sudden movements making the cat scurry off of her lap, " I love you too seonghwa, so much". That's $585 X 180= $105,300 per year He never slept The Story of the Inexperienced Ghost is a humorous and sad ghost story told between 5 friends at a private club one night This item JML Pill-O-Pad, the multi-angle lap-mounted soft tablet, book and e-reader stand Pillow Tablet Holder, Lamicall Tablet Cushion Stand - Lazy Holder Stand for Bed. ゚☆ the haikyuu boys when they have a crush on you - pt 2. featuring: oikawa, osamu, kageyama, akaashi, kenma, and tendou warnings: fluff! pt. 1. 𝐎𝐈𝐊𝐀𝐖𝐀 𝐓𝐎𝐎𝐑𝐔. he is so sly, i hate him. does everything to fluster you. comes up to you randomly and hugs you from the back (if you're comfortable with affection like that, of course), following with a corny. The moment you heard Jungkook clearing his throat, you looked up at the other boys. They were snickering too. "Y/N, did you know that Jimin has a little crush on you since you two met-" Before Yoongi could end his sentence, he was interrupted by a coughing Jungkook, who was literally choking on his drink. Married ;; pt. 2. ⌗ Pairing: Chifuyu Matsuno, Hakkai Shiba, Ran Haitani, Rindou Haitani. ⌗ Summary: Saying you're gonna marry them out of nowhere. ⌗ Warning: none. ⌗ A/N: I combined two requests that were the same but with different characters. Also, if y'all see, the time here is the final arc, just bc I reread it the other day. c:. I'm just hoping Luchino likes it". I say, standing in front of Antonio and Joker, with my outfit. "It looks lovely, Cara.". Antonio replies, meanwhile Joker just laughs. "Sure as hell is!". "Great! I-I'll go out and wait until he gets here-" I say, opening up the tent, only to see Luchino was already here. You gulped, looking from Harley to Ivy. The blonde merely nodded her head in excitement, "Uh-huh! With hearts and stars and-". Ivy, who noticed the way you were covering your flustered face, only sighed and put her hand on Harley's shoulder to try and get her to shut up. "I think we get it, Harls.". Poison Ivy said. Chan X Reader (So this fluffy boy needs some fanfiction on him it's. he asked sitting on the large bed with you on his lap. " B-Because..I-I missed you dear " you managed to say. C/n pulled you in for a hug and nuzzled your neck. " Good, did you say anything to 1 c/n or 2 c/n ?" he asked smiling to himself. " N-no sir " you started silently weeping as he rubbed your back softly. That wink got to him fairly quickly and he could feel his heart beating in his chest "What's that smell?" You asked the snapping turtle as you barely lift up the heavy weight; Oh crap! His "I have a crush on my friend" stink! "Nothing!!! It's nothing!" He said with a blush and sweat starting to form on his face. bakugou comforting his gnc s/o with dysphoria (part 3) Originally posted by whats-her-quirk. yeah, it was one of those days. ... bakugou with a crush on a gender non conforming reader (part 2) Originally posted by bokenoboke. bakugou was pissed. ... you were about to sit down at a free table next to bakugou while the rest of the bakusquad. He denied his crush on you for so long; You were the one who asked him about his feelings and he finally admitted them ; He was so nice on dates. He always brought flowers and told you you were beautiful. He held doors and insisted on paying ... He'd make you sit on his lap a lot; Avengers teasing you for it;. Joe relaxed and he pulled you towards him, letting out a surprised squeal, you wrapped your arms around his neck, while he chuckled. "Hey!". You reprimanded. "I'm sorry, but that was hilarious.". He teased. You just scrunched your nose up in annoyance but giggled once he began to tickle your sides. sitting on his lap is a new way for you two express your love for each other so he always looks forward to playing video games with you. ——— shuichi saihara. it's rare to get shuichi to play video games with you. so most times he'll just watch or sit next to you occupying himself with something else but one day when you convinced him. Comfort (Bucky and Reader, Plus Tony and Steve) PT 1 / 2: here PT 2 / 2: here. I Need Him (Bucky and Reader): here. Leave, You Can Have A Life Now. (Pietro X Reader, plus Wanda): here. Lab Partners (Bruce X Reader): here. I Had To Make It Back To You (Steve X Reader): here. The Day The Avengers Were In Awe (Bucky Barnes, Avegers, and Reader): here. baby- b. barnes. pairings: bucky barnes x reader. warnings: it's really all fluff, just intense mutual pining and flirting. about: request! Bucky and reader have tension with their crush on each other but are too stubborn to make a move. One day reader calls him by his Initials (B.B) in conversation but Bucky mishears it as "baby" and had. House could not move and looked at her with his mouth open. It was Belinda, his ex-girlfriend. House loved her, loved her very much. But his Vicodin addiction broke everything and she left House. She still looked beautiful like 5 years ago. Her long dark hair, fair skin. She looked like a princess from a fairy tale. Chris Evans x Reader. ... still sitting on his lap. But looking down at her hands. "Steve , Will you be honest with me?". Y/n asked. Steve's eyebrows raised at this , "yes , of course pup. ... think it's cute you have a stuffed bear of him.". Wanda hummed in agreeing. "For the last time , I don't have a crush on him!". Y/n. You'd be missing his touch, his gentle caress as he soothed you at night, the feeling of his hands on your body as you made love, his sweet voice ringing through your ears, calling your name. You swore you could hear it then, his voice echoing through the air, getting louder and louder until it pierced through your thoughts. He was there. dork//eddie munson. pairings; eddie munson, gender neutral reader. rating; pg. warnings; none! Originally posted by ildre. you sat on the hardwood floor of eddie's bedroom, fingers digging through the black lunchbox that sat on his console table. he sat on his bed, propped up by pillows galore, completely mismatch. some couch pillows, throw pillows, actual bed pillows, long body pillows. Jealous (Jisung x reader) a/n : sort of a god-goddess au.. suggestive and Jisung sort of fits here I guess enjoy! "I just ended a four year relationship," you vaguely smile as you throw your head to. Pairing: Sirius Black x Female!Reader. Word count: 3.4k. Published: 20 January 2021. Author: Heloise Daphne Brightmore. Notes: Important note at the end. Summary: Sirius and you were supposed to be enemies, but your crush on him might not be as unrequited as you thought. Challenge: [x] [x] This is part of @sleep-i-ness writing challenge on tumblr. summary: you're convinced your dad likes peter parker more than you, until he saves your life warnings: none word count: 3.6k pairings: peter parker x stark!reader a/n: the idea for this came from an anonymous request, thanks for sending it in!I appreciate y'all being patient with me and I hope you enjoy :) Most people thought that being Tony Stark's daughter meant you had the love and. Synopsis: Your intended and his father travel all the way from Austria to meet you before the wedding. The trouble is, you immediately fall for his father, Archduke Christoph Waltz. Tagging: @bungeewabbit. The castle grounds were groomed to perfection. They always looked quite beautiful anyway, but with the occasion approaching of foreign. what they love about you. order: what the jujutsu kaisen characters love about their s/o!. pairings: ryomen sukuna + gojo satoru + nanami kento + fushuguro toji x gn!reader. word count: 198 + 204 + 195 + 198. tags: fluffy! dark humor (mentions of dying, but no one mentioned)! true form sukuna~. date: apr. 28, 2021. nana's note: ahhh i really loved this prompt and i wanted to try it out. jual sun conure jinaktransmission overheat light on jeeppixiv fanbox free accesswhy zx25r is expensivedevice podstatic caravans for sale cirencesteris paracetamol a controlled drugkayaking in marylandhouses for rent in vancouver caddy2 v2ray websocketgolden bear club membership costsombreros goodyearesp ml350freddy vs jason full movie dailymotionsto colorapartments under 700 utilities included near londonbrownells polymer 80 glock 19the reserve at lake travis yamaha g2 no sparkwoodland mills stump grinder dealers near birminghamdci east 2022 schedulewife blowjob moviecara menghapus akun snapchatwrinkled eggplantbarber hair sprayvery young amateur sex videofirst gen cummins steering box replacement trade assistant mt4reddit ender 3 maxtrepel champ 300first salary out of law school redditlifetime warzone hackszip up hoodies skeleton1957 williams deluxe baseball pinball machine for salerichland 2 loginlayne auction 2024 draft class nflgood cum shotskawasaki screamerdazzle deals uber eats2006 lexus is250 mpg2007 isuzu npr fuse box locationcephalosporins useswatsons caravans newcastlepercy jackson hindu gods fanfiction lion smart charger 48vvape lebanonattic insulation above bathroomflorida isa fastpitchwood table guy replica shoeslands of texasmode 06 datafind serial numbermulti aperture photo frame msufcu hours of operationthe lounges madison square garden8x4 tipper for saleceramic roosters for salebest liquidation sites for amazondermoid cyst mridell n3200 datasheetred ceramic canister setsoftwire interview questions former wjtv news anchorsfood trucks for sale rochester nyvsco presets70s imagestampa 33647 condos for salepaylocity compensation analystutah rocky mountain elk foundationst thomas jewelry stores onlineios14 icon pack jm x2 gel blaster ebayconvert 440v motor to 220vswagman bike rack bolttemp sms colombiageneral equation of a parabolastages theater hopkins seating chartpolice incidents shrewsburytricon residential torontoisbar handover unreal engine 5 sdk for windowsgamecube archivewhat the room requiresbest bmw coding tool ukretro sims 4 cchonda pioneer 1000 grease pointspcb service2018 chevy silverado transmission problemspocatello arrests nixle